Environmental Policy

APUC (Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges) Ltd is the procurement centre of expertise for all of Scotland universities and colleges. It is a private limited company, owned by its client institutions and established in response to the McClelland Report. 'Review of Public Procurement in Scotland', which made recommendations for public procurement reform.

APUC operates from three offices; Stirling, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Presently, the organisation employs over 50 members of staff located throughout the Scotland. A number of staff members are required to travel frequently in order to reach client institutions throughout the country.

Our Vision

At APUC, we are committed to driving forward environmentally friendly operations throughout the organisation, demonstrating best practice whilst being committed to minimising the impact of our activities on the environment.

Our Objectives

In order to demonstrate environmentally friendly behaviour across the organisation, APUC is committed to ensuring adherence to, and awareness, of our vision by:

  • Ensure compliance with the Waste (Scotland) Regulations.
  • Managing continuous improvement of environmentally friendly behaviour by working to our regularly reviewed action plan, covering areas such as travel, energy, water, waste and consumables.
  • Develop staff understanding of their own environmental impacts through regular internal communications, training and office initiatives.
  • Recognise staff members achievements in relation to positive environmental actions.
  • Engage with Zero Waste Scotland for education and resources.
  • Participate in local environmental initiatives where possible
  • Encourage positive environmental impacts, through our collaborative tendering activities, wherever possible
  • Minimise the negative environmental impacts resulting from our direct business activities.
  • Work with suppliers to encourage commitment to APUC's Supply Chain Code of Conduct and involvement in Sustain, of which environmental best practice is a key component.

Our Next Steps

This Environmental Policy, together with our Environmental Action Plan, will be reviewed on an annual basis by a designated member of APUC and to be approved of by the CEO.

The next review date is January 2018.