Contract and Supplier Management Guidance (CP GUID004)

Selecting Your Tools

The table below provides a summary of the tools available and appropriate for each C&SM route. The Procurement Manager, together with their UIG if applicable, should select the tools they will use for their contract/agreement.

If at all possible, the tools that will be used, their targets, responsibilities and frequency should be detailed within the tender documents, in order that they are contractually agreed upfront.

Strategy Route 
 RoutineManaged (Leverage or Bottleneck)Strategic 
RelationshipTransactionalLeverage = Competitive
Bottleneck = Cooperative
FocusPrice and efficiencyLeverage = Price
Bottleneck = Security of supply
Strategic aims 
Management InformationtickticktickSee Framework ITT Template wording OR
See Institution ITT Template wording
Supplier Review Meetings*tickemptyticktickClick here for Information
Key Performance Indicatorstickempty2tickstickClick here for Information
Service Level Agreement tickemptytickemptyClick here for Information
Feedback  tickemptytickClick here for Information
Risk Management 2tickstickClick here for Information
Balanced Scorecard tickemptytickClick here for Information
Incentives / Sanctions tickemptytickemptyClick here for Information

*Frequency determined by Procurement Manager, but should be at least annual.

tick= A tool that should be used
tickempty= A tool that could be used (Procurement Manager can choose depending on risk/value of contract/agreement)