Contract and Supplier Management Guidance

Supplier Review Meeting

Tips for an effective meeting:

  • Have a clear and agreed agenda
  • Ensure all required attendees are involved/available
  • Invite the other party to contribute to reduce the possibility of surprises
  • Ensure clarity of objective and don't lose sight of it
  • Prepare and distribute any necessary materials
  • Manage time
  • Start promptly and seek to finish on schedule
  • Be clear about who you want to meet with and why
  • Know what information you seek and what you intend to do with it
  • Be wary of the presentation that tells you only what they want to!
  • Ensure that any site visit provides you with the flexibility to meet who you need to, see what you want and ask the necessary questions
  • Prepare a summary of the meeting and assign any agreed actions

Draft Agenda:

  • Introductions
  • Company/Supplier business context
    • Organisational/corporate changes
    • Changes to governance or key personnel
    • Capacity performance
    • Cost challenges
    • Operational/technical challenges
  • Review of previous meeting's minutes and action items.
  • Order book alignment
  • Financial - review of payments, mismatches etc.
  • Review of last period's performance and trends (by Business Unit)
    • KPI review - summarize and explain what's going well and where improvements need to be made
    • Current issues with supplier performance - action plans
    • Key themes such as resource support, process improvement
    • Responsiveness
    • What can we do to improve performance
  • Status of mutual improvement efforts
  • Risk and business continuity
  • Relationship - review and measurement
  • New business opportunities
  • Set direction for next quarter